10+ Independent Online News Sources And Why America Needs More Of Them

It is a major concern that majority of the news networks are under the control of a few strong companies. This anomaly is commonly referred to as consolidation of the media and it is a major concern more so in America. Americans should rise to the occasion and criticize the kind of news that is being aired by these outlets of media. The Americans should not stop at that; they should endeavor to find alternative sources of news that will give unedited news from all over the world. The findings that they will get from their initiative of finding news might shock them since they will find that the news that is being read to them is just a drop in the ocean of what is actually happening in the world.


Sometimes back, night news was fair, impartial, and balanced. Reporters who worked in media houses then saw their chance to work there as an honor bestowed on them to give information to the public. They were presenting facts only. In the current setting of news, legendary journalists like Cronkite Walter are really ashamed of what is being aired to be facts. Walter single handedly brought to the light some famous scandals such as the Vietnamese war and the Watergate scandal. These two were aired in an unfiltered manner such that the Americans were convinced that the scandals actually took place. Media houses are nowadays supporting some issues blindly without doing due diligence and collecting facts that will inform their decision. It is rather sad. Sadly, the war in Iraq is a clear indication that superficial truths are not the actual facts always, and this led to the death of a majority of Americans and Iraqis. It is a disturbing scene to believe that a disaster of such huge magnitude was as a result of the failure of the media to air facts as well as the public failing to demand accountability from the media houses. Palast Greg says that America has no media houses that can investigate. He further states the reporters in the U.S do not labor to find facts. He asserts that they are repeaters and not reporters.

The Big Six in the media


The media in the U.S was largely controlled by fifty companies by the year 1983. Moving fast forward, this trend has changed significantly and the news are now controlled by 6 giants in the media: Viacom, Comcast, CBS Corporation, News Corporation, Time Warner, and The Walt Disney Company. This merging of many media houses into a few was allowed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). FCC is made of 5 people whose main role is to decide the policy and laws of the media.

Times have changed and online news sources have cropped up and they are credible. The online sources are impartial and they are not for profit. Some of the online sources are therealnews.com, csmonitor.com, truth-out.org, reuters.com, thenation.com, propublica.com, publicintegrity.com, allsides.com, watchdog.com, whowahtwhy.com, fair.org, and revealnews.org among others.



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