BBC News Most Trusted Source For More Than Half Of The People In The UK

There was a survey that was conducted by the YouGov Company. The commissioner of this survey was 38 Degrees, a campaign group. From the survey, it emerged that the BBC was trusted by many people having a rating of over 50%. Moreover, majority of the respondents of the survey do not believe that the government can provide credible information and news.

The future of the size and scope of the corporation is not certain since last year’s settlement of funding. The corporation bore the cost of TV licenses that was amounting to over 700 million pounds. In this regard, the publication of the white paper done by the BBC was facing a delay until the results of the European Union referendum were announced.


The survey was conducted online and the commissioners of the survey were the political group, 38 Degrees. The same political group had done a petition and had it signed by close to 400,000 people who said that they support the BBC. According to the survey, 53% of the people said that they did not believe the commitment of the government to protect the services of the BBC during the period that the charter was renewed. 25% were in support of the government while 22% appeared undecided since they ticked, “I do not know.”

In the survey, when the respondents were required to choose their most trusted news source given an array of them such as ITV News, Sky News, and Channel 4 News, 58% of the people who responded believed that BBC offered unbiased and impartial reporting of news. The second in the list was Sky News ranking a distant 15%.

Moreover, the respondents believed that BBC was the best in provision of sources of news in a non-broadcast manner. 50% of the respondents believed that it was the best in reporting in an unbiased and an impartial manner. The manager of the team that commissioned the survey, Adam McNicholas, said that BBC is included in the larger British family. He said that majority of the Britons and other people from across the world rely on the BBC to have fair news whether in despair or celebration. Adam further stated that the number of respondents who responded in favor of the BBC were in hundreds of thousands. The respondents were committed to protecting the BBC as their only trusted source of news. The public showed in clear terms that the government was not a trusted source of news since its intentions were not clear.


The head of culture in Britain, John Whittingdale, is facing a public backlash since he is seen as one of the blocks to the public to obtain the information that they need from the government. No one in Britain seems to have strong confidence in the government since they believe that the intention of the government is to deny them critical information that will aid in decision making. That is why most of them have committed to trust BBC mostly among other news sources.



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