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The United States of America

A typical week in the United States indicates that most of the people, in fact over 50%, watch the news from their television. The ones who read newspapers are only 21%, the ones who get news from the internet are 14%, and those who rely on the radio are only 10%. 20% of the men in America believe that the internet is the best source of news, and this number can only be compared to men in South Korea. 87% of the Americans believe that they should check other sources of news so as to be sure that the original content seen is credible. These stats are only second to Germany. Majority of the people who complement their source of news do so from the internet. When Americans were asked to say the level of trust that they regard to different sources, 81% trust the local newspapers, 76% of the respondents trust family and friends, 75% of the respondents trust the TV, 74% believe that local and regional newspapers are trustworthy, radios were trusted by 73% while blogs were trusted by 25% the lowest in the survey.


The trust of the Americans as far as specific sources of news is concerned also varied from one person to another. FOX News and CNN tied at 11%, ABC and NBC tied at 4%, CBS had a rating of 3%, USA today was trusted by 2%, and the Times Magazine was trusted by 1%. Moreover, Americans intelligently criticize the news that they get. They do not just believe the news that they are told or the ones that they read. They often disagree until facts arise. 68% of the Americans in the survey believe that the media is inclined to airing bad stories that paint the country in a negative manner.

The United Kingdom

55% of Britons and other citizens of the United Kingdom watch the television for the news of the day, 19% get news from newspapers, 12% listen to the radio, and only 8% of the respondents of this survey get news from the internet. Similar to the United States, 11% of the men are likely to get news from the internet as compared to 5% from the women.

When the respondents were required to say the news sources that they trusted the most, 85% said they had a lot of trust on the national television, 78% trusted family and friends, 75% trust the newspapers, radios were trusted by 67%, while blogs were trusted by 24%. The internet and regional newspapers were trusted by 44% and 55% in that order.


Most of the respondents believe that the BBC is best in terms of providing unbiased news. 32% voted for BBC, 8% voted for ITV News, 7% believe in Sky News, Daily mail is trusted by 3%, 3% trust the BBC News Website, and the Times and Daily Telegraph tie at 2%. Google was trusted by 1% of the respondents of the survey.


The respondents from the UK are similar to the one from the U.S since they are critical of the news. They also believe that the media airs the negative news more.



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