News Media Literally Class – Which Newspapers Magazines And Websites Are Reliable

It is critical to be a consumer of savvy news since every reading of news is moving online. College students are developing their media skills using the online platform and it is therefore of essence to have some online experience. A news reader in the last 20 years would peruse the pages of a local daily in pursuit of information. However, this has since changed and you are only required to move from one news source to another through the use of your cursor or the mobile device that you have. Moreover, the social media has played a critical role in delivery of news since every happening is tweeted or place on the Face book.


Colleges in the contemporary world should focus more in giving students a course in media literacy as this would help them to understand the ways of navigating the news skillfully. Such a course would offer the college graduates with some inside information as to which or what news sources should be trusted and which ones are credible. Students would also understand the news sources that present stories that have no factual basis, satirical stories that masquerade as true journalism. When offered such a course, a journalist will be able to fit in the media world today since it is awash with half-baked reporters who just report what they heard or read online. Students would learn the objectivity of journalism, the ways to conduct one so as to be trusted from afar and wide. The best way to be able to know which news to trust is know the original media that aired the content.

The newspapers that remain credible in the world in spite of the fact that they are faced with extinction are the Daily metropolitan newspapers. They report in an objective manner, and the facts written in these newspapers are well researched. They do not have any biasness as is the case with most of the famous newspapers that have names for themselves through biased reporting. Some newspapers are trusted by more people than other, just like the other forms of media.

The New York Post is not anywhere the New York Times as far as trustworthiness is concerned. It performs dismally. A similar comparison comes up in the UK when the Daily mail and Telegraph go head to head.


A lecture on newspapers would guide students to understand what is entailed in the anatomy of a newspaper. The students will get where they can go to find reporting that is straightforward versus the areas in which they can visit to have the headlines alone. This is critical. The New York Times gives the suggestion of a stunning lesson plan that will enable the student to understand elementary concepts and advanced ones. A debate has ensued for a long time as to how the institutions of news should bring up the category of opinions, reporting based on facts, and commentary. Some people are of the view that opinion reporting should have the word opinion before it is aired.



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